What is this?

What the hell is pizza time?

Have you ever wanted to host a party across a bunch of wildly different time zones and locations? No? Well we have and now you can! Host a pizza party for your team, no matter where they are; you tell us when and we’ll take care of the rest.

How It Works




Pick a date and let us know how many people you expect.

Once you’ve paid, we’ll take care of the rest. Share the order link with your team and our magic Pizza Bots will take care of organizing a time and placing all of your orders.

Deliveries will be coordinated for everyone, by magic.

Our Pizza Bots have placed your orders and sent a party invite. All you need to do is show up. Everyone who ordered will get a calendar invite with a Zoom link to join the party. On party day, join the video chat and wait for the pizza; it’s Pizza Time!


Order Fee


Per Pizza (Max)




Total Cost

Why we made this

Sponsored by spacetime

Spacetime makes it easy to schedule remote team meetings – You can see the time, location, and schedule for every member of your remote team, right on your desktop. We believe remote teams can have just as much fun as co-located teams. We built Pizzatime to prove that to the skeptics—and because we love pizza. Mostly the pizza thing.



It's party time

Let's get this party started

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